Monday, June 12, 2017

Poppy Box

Cell phone shots of the box in which I sent Preston's Mole to Steve Spetseris:

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mary's last work in Preston's Mole

Brave Benny and the Owl

watercolor and Faber-Castell and Micron artists pens
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Dragon tears collab for Steve Spetseris
watercolor and sakura gel pen

Camouflage Rabbit
 white-line print, watercolor
pocket item for Preston

These are my last two pieces in Preston's Moleskine.  The first is for the Brave Benny Book I am doing for my grandkids (and Also for Andrea, even though it's in Preston;s Mole), the second is a collaboration for Steve Spetseris--Steve feel free to manipulate or paint over any part you'd like.  The third is a white-line print.  My first ever.  It is for Preston's pocket.  I am concerned because there is absolutely NOTHING in Preston's pocket--I thought we were each supposed to leave some small gift for the owner of the Mole in the pocket.  

A little history of the white line print.  I took a workshop.  The workshop was three hours long, during which time I made the design and then carved the woodblock and began the printing process.  It took 2 more 3-hour sessions to complete the print. It's a slow process.

The White-line print, also called the Provincetown Print, is described here and also in many other online posts, if you are interested in learning more about it.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Second piece in Preston's Mole: Brave Benny and the Warthog

Brave Benny and the Warthog

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This sketch is for a book I am working on for my grandchildren called Brave Benny's Animal Alphabet.I did it in Intense pencils, Derwent Graphitone pencils, Koi watercolors, micron and microline pens,

Friday, June 2, 2017

Moleskine Envelopes

scan of envelope back
scan of envelope front with address obscured

I made painted envelopes for the first two Moleskines I mailed to Steve, but I may not paint the next two, as I received two at once and want to move them on to Steve as fast as reasonably possible.

I used the paintings in a book I am working on for my grandchildren called Brave Benny's Animal Alphabet.  It needs a lot more work, as all the Bennys don't look like the same kid.

1st two in Preston's book

Collab page for Steve or someone
 I borrowed one of Mike's characters for a three-way collab of sorts. Click image to view larger.

"The Great Outdoors"
We just got back from a camping trip in Canada.  Two moles were waiting and had arrived while we were away.  To tell the truth, mostly, the bugs were NOT too bad (except the rotten stable flies), but we did encounter a number of ticks! Click image to view larger.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Im Mike's book's pocket

This somehow also turned out a lot more elaborate and complicated then I intended:

Hybrid Animals in Mike's Book

Mike did the dreaded thing and got the huge, unbelievably large, big, giant A3 book. Seriously, I looked at this monster for a week before I even dared to open it. It took me forever to finish it somehow every page feel like 4 A4 pages rather then 2. The topic was random quotes and animal hybrids with objects.

This is the half page for Lara, it came out a little larger then I expected:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bridie's Book

I really love the variety of books that are coming my way this round. Bridie's book is really tiny and really dainty and something about the size and the colors she picked for the cover made me wanted to make stuff that's dainty and tiny. it was really neat to finish working in it really quickly.
Ned has the flu, and he's been sleeping for like 20 hours a day for a couple of days, so I had a lot of drawing times, but my brain wasn't really in it, because it was on all the things that he couldn't take care off.
Somehow, before I even picked a topic, I filled in on my pages, and also, I think I messed up and did one page too many.

This page was for one of the challenge groups me and Steve are in, which I also recommend everyone who wants to draw all the time, but sometimes need a prompt or a nudge. The word of the day was migratory birds.

This was a combination of 2 words from another group, I made a really dumb mistake here (as I said, free time, no brains) The words were fungus and Hearth goddess, which I misread as Heart goddess. I only noticed my mistake after the drawing was almost done.

This is the half page, it was also for the second challenge group. The word of course was Kali.

And in the pocket - yet another challenge, for the first group. The word was "Art Nouveau", which is one of my favorite period in art. But somehow this little horse paper doll came out more Scandinavian style.

Hopefully Ned will be all better and my brain be all back by the next book I get.

Monday, April 3, 2017

In Aya's Book (Feb-2017)

Hi all - starting with the 1st book I had (Aya's) during February.  Didn't realize we had this forum until last week.  I will catch-up...

This space/cat is the 1st full-page I finished. 

I tried be be intentional with my color choice on the facing page  in hopes of tying it all together a bit. 

I then opted to write a repeated phrase ("We all take so much for granted.") extracted from my writing to fill the the negative space around incredible rabbit Aya left for me on the collaborative page.  

Next as an homage to a great sketch Aya did of the legendary Judith Butler which she posted on Instagram, I took a turn trying to do my own.  The prelim sketch was pretty wonderful; the finished project is a bit off - my portrait skills are in need of further honing.  Anyhow, if you don't know Judith's brilliant work on gender theory, do check it out! 

On International Women's Day I did another homage of sorts, to the pop-wonder known as the pussy-hat and to as many creative inspirational women I could think of.  Did I miss one of your favorites?

Lastly, I drew the banner above and added my own text: "You find comfort in measurement." to it as a prompt for Ballookey to finish.  

So happy to join your great project...I look forward to seeing each of your work!