Friday, July 14, 2017

Invisible Cities in Preston's book

I had a totally different plan in my head for this book, but I'm not even sure why, this book that I loved since high school, but haven't read in at least 12 years came up in a conversation and it made me want to read it again, and then I had to relate to it in the Moleskine.

If you haven't heard of it, bon't feel bad, somehow Italo Calvino's work is not very well known in the USA which is a little sad, because he's probably the most easy-to-understand Surreal authors.
This book is an imaginary conversation between Marco Polo and Kublai Kahn about different cities Marco Polo visited, but that are all really different way to describe Venice.

In the pocket - an extra story diorama\triptych:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mary in Steve Loya's Mole (1)

It's a Monster-Eat-Monster World Out There! I just got a new Mole in the mail from Mike Kline. YAY! It's Steve Loya's Mole. MY first piece is a collaboration with Steve Loya, splotch Monsters! I love splotch monsters! Steve Made the paint splotches and I transformed them onto "monsters." Fun, thanks, Steve Loya. :D <3 span=""> P.S. this is a cell phone shot, I will post scans later.

Its a Monster-Eat-Monster World! (click to view larger)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lara's Work in Steve S.'s Book

I have a lot of catch-up to do here posting-wise - I looked back at my notes and our various iterations of shipping order... based on those, I hope that I am labelling folks' books correctly here - (This is a pocket-size red book):

This is a collaboration page where Aya drew the mouse and "Circus" text to which I added some additional stars and atmospherics as well as the satellites, blue background area and black (found) text. It was photographed in subpar light, so imagine it a touch less yellow...

On the facing page I drew this insect - a bit of a stained-glass creature with found text incorporated ( I believe this sentence came from A Manual for Cleaning Ladies by Lucia Berlin):

I drew this chair on the subsequent page and again incorporated found text (I don't know the source for this one, because I have been experimenting with chance and random re-contextualization of elements to see what happens.)

And my next page was this, which I left flowing over to function as a collaboration start for the person I shipped to, I believe at that time i t was still Ballookey.  Believe this text originated from a Joesph Albers book on color theory. Does having that information make this more or less compelling? 

Thanks for looking and any comments,  
I will get my next batch posted soon. 

Happy summer wishes to you all!