Friday, January 27, 2017


Dropped my book in the post box on my way to the dog park this morning and when I got back I found Steve's book waiting for me.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Envelope 5/1

Here is the front of the envelope for mailing the first Mole of Round 5 to Steve
and here is the back of the envelope.  I hope to mail tomorrow because I will be in the hospital Feb 1, and if not tomorrow, very soon.  This completes my packet for this mailing, I believe.

Box turtle on back of envelope for Steve, click this and all images to view larger.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mary's First mailing for Round 5

So wait, I'm confused.  Are we supposed to be posting our work HERE or THERE (at the group page.)  I just posted there and guess I'll post here, too. As always, click images to view larger.

I painted, with acrylics, the front cover and am calling it:  "A Marriage Blessed by Love."

"A Marriage Blessed by Love"
 Then I painted 3 watercolors of animals, a fox, an owl and a pika.
fox, watercolor

owl, watercolor

pika, watercolor
 Then I made a half of a painting for Steve.

Frida, watercolor
Then I made 3 cards for a pocket gift for Steve.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The first rule of Moleskine Exchange

Sorry guys, I broke the first rule of moleskine exchange club, which wasn't that you aren't supposed to talk about it, because if it was, then I'd be kicked out years ago. The first rule of moleskine exchange is that you use a moleskine. However, I gut overly excited at the art store, and didn't notice till I gut home that this cool proportioned book wasn't even a moleskine, but a Shinola. It's pretty much compatible, so I'm useing it, because - the pages are square!
The paper is a mix between the moleskine sketchbook and the moleskine watercolor, which is nice, it doesn't react amazingly well to watercolor, but better than the moleskine sketchbook. I hope you'll enjoy drawing in it, even though it's not a moleskine.

Also, welcome to all the new people, and to all the old ones - I missed you and I'm so glad we are doing another round!