Friday, March 15, 2013

Commission Opportunty/Share

This one was created for my good lady on our anniversary! It is however a tree inspired by the tree outside Vivian Morgan's window.

Office Space is actually drawing number 2. I laughed when I colored the stapler in. "Office Space."

Creative Space is drawing number 1. I really liked how this one turned out.

Vivian requested a drawing similar to my "Manipulating GPS and Driving," drawing. I really like how this one ended up.

Having a pint of "Evil Twin" and enjoying the out doors on the patio of the "Free House," in Berkeley California, my mind wandered into what the office would look like empty. I have formed a para-social relationship with Vivian's tree.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Round 4!

I've been half off line the past couple of weeks, which for me means I only update facebook \ twitter \ instagram once or twice a day. I'm getting over lots of work stress and a flu that just refuses to go away, no longer sick, but still weak and coughing (Bla!)

The bood news is that the best way to ground myself and retain sanity in fragile times is go to my favorite Cafe (Andrea knows the one...) and draw. And so, I haven't really shared the process but I have finished working on my Round 4 book today.

Is there a date? a mailing list? a decision about 2 rounds or one?