Monday, December 26, 2011

Two Season Doodles - Happy Holidays!

The arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

Merry Christmas - Seasons Greetings! If you don't celebrate Christmas... Happy Hanukkah also known as the Festival of Lights.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A few in Ammon's Moleskine

Mechanical Bird with biological eggs... Hmmm! What was I thinking?

Unfinished collaboration with Ammon. I decided to finish it. I love the way Aya does hair so I gave it a go... Not sure where the Gorilla shirt came from.

Unfinished collaboration with Stephanie, so again, I decided to finish...

Another unfinished collaboration in the back of the book left by Andrea... Guess what? I decided to finish!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last four in Aya's Moleskine III - on its way to Roma!

Whoa boy! Slow down... Busy!

Marriage V'eyes (vase)

Collaboration with Roma - part one!

Rush Hour on the 6th Train!

Monday, December 12, 2011

and in the pocket...

My first attempt at a paper doll with movable parts. It took a lot longer then expected and somehow turned out 4 times larger or so then planned, but I'm so happy with how it turned out! I need to get beads with bigger holes for this, those were really far from perfect.



Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mike's book pages 7 and 8

I can't wait to see what Molly does with the horse skull!

Mike's Book pages 5 and 6


A while ago, I had a strange online conversation with an artists who had a drawing of a skeleton, she asked "Why are skeletons so interesting?" and someone said "Because we all have them, but we never get to see our owns".

Mike's book pages 3 and 4

So then I had a great idea, which was that in honor of Mike's style, I'll only use black and white to do all the pages in his book. As you can see, this decision lasted only 1 page...

However I did picked the topic for this book for something that i know mike likes which is "Bones".
A topic that's also a very much in my mind lately - my mother in law just broke her elbow after being tripped by a Jack Russell Terrier in  park, and so we talked a lot a bout bones in the past couple of weeks.



I think this is my favorite page in this batch:

Mike's book, pages 1 and 2

It took me forever to start working on Mike's book because first I had 2 books (Mike's and Steve's from round 2), then I was getting ready for some Christmas truckshows, then Ned and I got to do a very exciting (and secretive) shoot. But this weekend, we basically just slept and rested, after 2 sleepless nights of retouching and working.

And so, somewhere toward the end of the craziness, I started working on Mike's book and today, basically did nothing else. I hope to go into the city tomorrow and pass the book to Molly.


Elle's page was quite challenging, because it was really beautiful and it seemed like anything I do to it, would just take away from how it was, eventually, I solved it by just adding the text and patterns.


Monday, December 5, 2011

I forget whose book I'm on!

Moleskine Exchange Collab w/ Ammon. (He made the house.)
Collab w/ Ammon - he built the house, I painted it. Moleskine Exchange mandala
I made a mess. The red paint went everywhere, pages stuck together, dogs & cats living together, it was chaos. Then it ended up like this. :o) Moleskine Spiderweb.
My Moleskine Dreamcatcher Moleskine Exchange - Weaving Mandala
Backside of the Spiderweb. This page was also a mess which I repainted black. Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange - Moondreamcatcher Mandala
Seeing through the dream to the moon... Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange - It's the moon!
The moon! Collage piece made by painting a piece of paper through the dreamcatcher. Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange - leaving this for Ellen to complete 
And a green moon for Ellen to play with. Been so busy this last two weeks... moved into a real genuine private art studio! Yaaay! I have a table to work on! No more kitchen floor!

PS - This is Balookey's Book! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ellen's Mole in Progress

I am finally making good progress in Ellen's Mole. I start out intending to do something simple and then end up getting absorbed in each page. I'm having fun, even though it's taking me longer than I hoped.

The spread above is an escapist collage--Day at the Beach and Walk in the Park. And now I'm working on a second collage spread with a Christmasy theme of "Made in China." It's also making good use of all the Christmas catalogs I've been receiving.

Once I finish the spread and a collab page, I will ship this to Gretchen. I need to ship this no later than this week, since I leave on Saturday to Vietnam and intend to take the second mole that I have with me. (So Mike, please take your time with Aya's.) BTW, I am loving these watercolor Moleys. So fun working with layers of media.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Raining cats and sketchbook...

Well, it's a very light shower, cause i have 2 books now, Steve's from round 2 and Mike's for round 3 which I haven't even opened yet.
It was very hard to start cause of Heidi's jellyfish being so amazing I was scared to mess it up. However, I eventually managed to get over that and move on. I still have 3 pages to go and then start on Mike's.

Steve's book
Steve's book

Steve's book
Steve's book

Steve's book
Steve's book

This is a really new thing for me which I tried for the first time, which is to use a brush instead of a pen for the lines and liquid acrylic paint instead of watercolor.

The words are from a very enigmatic song  my Timber Timbre: