Saturday, September 7, 2013

In the pocket

A set of mobiles that marks the directions of the winds. I found this pretty lovely prayer to the 4 direction, which is modern, but have just enough old feel to it to make it feel all magical and beautiful. That's where I took the spirit animal for each direction. 

Ballookey's half page

It's funny to leave a half page in Ballokey's book for Ballookey. I guess that means I'm getting my own book next?!
As ususal, i can't wait to see how she finish this one.

Abraxas is a name of a daemon, I think originating in Jewish mysticism. I picked him over a million other daemons with  equally cool names because I used to go to a bar in Israel called Abraxas before I moved to NY.

The description, which I really like is, strangely enough, from Carl Jung, I really like the way he related to psychological and mystic ideas in much the same way and the fact that he was a scientist didn't make him stop relating this myth and his beliefs.  

In Ballookey's - pages 3&4

Those are from an odd text, part insightful, part rambling (much like everything else he ever wrote) By Aleister Crowley about Alchemy. 

In Ballookey's

It took me so long to finish my work in Andrea's book, and super quickly to finish Ballookey's. Mostly because I was working a lot the month I worked on Andrea's and got Ballookey's in the best time for a moleskine - waiting to hear whether I got a project or not...

So 5 days later, we found out that we aren't going to Vancouver to shoot a scene for a TV show, which is a bummer, cause it felt so close, and I was sure we got it. We might have a smaller part of working with the footage, but it isn't as cool.

Anyway, those 5 days, I just had to fill time cause I couldn't make any other work arrangements and so I finished my page's in Ballookey's.

The theme for this one, is totally influenced by Steve's last page. And it's about Miracles and myths from different religions.

The myth of st. Veronica is one of those miracles of seeing Jesus is a Tortia or a piece of toast. The story is that she wiped Jesus's face with a cloths and the imprint of his face remind printed in blood. 
The vail keeps popping up in different churches through the ages, and recently, was pronounce a hoax, since it turned out that a) the fabric is not as old as was claimed and b) the blood is actually red paint.