Sunday, July 27, 2008

only 12 days late...

Here's what I did in milo's mole... now I will finally send it on! Sorry for being a bottleneck!

I sort of had this idea of "palimpsest"... so I laid down a vertical and horizontal background of text bits from a bunch of different books (you can actually read it if you try), all mixed together to make this really random confusing text. Then I sprayed it with brown acrylic + matte acrylic medium from an old cosmetic atomizer. Then I drew on top of it in colored pencil.

milo's mole, pg 1-2

milo's mole, pg 3-4

milo's mole, pg 5-6

milo's mole, pg 7-8

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My first in Bagelboys's Moley

I did a really dumb thing--I wanted to play with the gesso water-color thing, so I painted this with two coats of gesso and then put a wash on it that made it back to the original color--DUH!

So this is watercolor, water color pencils, colored pencils, ink and salt (and gesso). If you click on it, it will get bigger.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

gesso and water color experiment

I gessoed the mole pages, which accomplished three things--it made
them white, it made them textured and it made them waterproof. This
had the advantage of preventing the watercolors from leaking through
the page to the pages on either side, but the colors acted totally
differently than they normally do. The paint, which is Windsor Newton
water colors, acted like gouache! Or even like acrylic or oils--very
strange. At first, I hated it, but it is sort of growing on me--if it
were used right it might be interesting, would take some getting used
to, though. The gessor prolly should have been painting horizontally,
but in another painting, say a stormy day, it could look like rain.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Acrylic in Ian's Mole

I painted this at our campsite in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park at the tip of Michigan's wild Upper Peninsula. It was cold, rainy, buggy, but I had fun doing it. It was an actual barn and a woman cutting mums set the vase on the windowsill while she gathered a second group of them. I shot a photo of it from which I made the painting. I thought it was fun because it was very primary (and I only had primary colors [and white] with me). The barn was old and out of square (but I might have overdone it, lol!) Biker Buddy took the shot from inside the car where he was retreating from the biting bugs.

In Ian's Mole

Self Portrait of the Artist as a Chimpanzee in the Detroit Zoo in an
April rainstorm. Done in the car on the highway and at Crosswinds
restaurant. (You can see the placemat under the mole). graphite
pencil, water color pencil, ink, water color and gouache.

I have a Willie

Final Few in Mary's Moly

200 Circles Under the Sea

Heatin' Up ~ Lovelock, Nevada ~ Mary's Polaroid

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here's Johnny's!

Sorry, I've been a bit elsewhere this month, things have moved faster than I allowed for. I've posted late, Milo - so sorry! next month will do better.
Here's Johnny's Molie,

the titles are, Simple, A Lull in Hostilities, A Geezer In Crayon (crayons work surprisingly well on Molie paper), Girl, A Man In My Tea, Wilf, Typical British Weather (hey, John!)

Old friends may remember Simple as my second ever IF submit and the first serious attempt at IF. I stumbled across it while tidying my trash can archive and thought it fitted the molie page nicely so I redid it. Also the fly, with modifications.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Peanuts Gang Today In Andrea's Book

Short Hot Summer

I must admit this was a more difficult month than last, for whatever reason. I could give you a whole string of excuses, but let's not forget good old Procrastination. Definitely still fun, exciting and fruitful though...These are Furnace Fingers, Book of Sweet Green Nothings, and All Alone.

Checking In

Hello everyone! I thought I'd check in with all of you and see how everyone is enjoying the project. Did it turn out to be too labor intensive for any of you? Isn't it great to see all the work filter through here? I am so thrilled!

Steve, looks like I will be dropping Mary's mole in the mail to you on the 16th, a day late. Sorry about that. I have a few lose ends to tie up in there and then I need to get it scanned.

Cheers everyone, have a fab summer, stay cool, never change all that yearbook-ish stuff. ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008

King Penguins in Ian's Moley

I drew this in the car driving across Canada at 85 miles an hour. I
decided to let the bumps and highway movement be part of the piece.

I have two other pieces started.

I am leaving for two weeks of camping. I will prolly mail thme en
route. It was drawn in ink, a variety of pens, and also colored with
water-color pencils. Been on the road a lot and incommunicado.