Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ellen's Mole in Progress

I am finally making good progress in Ellen's Mole. I start out intending to do something simple and then end up getting absorbed in each page. I'm having fun, even though it's taking me longer than I hoped.

The spread above is an escapist collage--Day at the Beach and Walk in the Park. And now I'm working on a second collage spread with a Christmasy theme of "Made in China." It's also making good use of all the Christmas catalogs I've been receiving.

Once I finish the spread and a collab page, I will ship this to Gretchen. I need to ship this no later than this week, since I leave on Saturday to Vietnam and intend to take the second mole that I have with me. (So Mike, please take your time with Aya's.) BTW, I am loving these watercolor Moleys. So fun working with layers of media.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Raining cats and sketchbook...

Well, it's a very light shower, cause i have 2 books now, Steve's from round 2 and Mike's for round 3 which I haven't even opened yet.
It was very hard to start cause of Heidi's jellyfish being so amazing I was scared to mess it up. However, I eventually managed to get over that and move on. I still have 3 pages to go and then start on Mike's.

Steve's book
Steve's book

Steve's book
Steve's book

Steve's book
Steve's book

This is a really new thing for me which I tried for the first time, which is to use a brush instead of a pen for the lines and liquid acrylic paint instead of watercolor.

The words are from a very enigmatic song  my Timber Timbre:


I made a pop-up house recently and now I can't stop. One mistake on my part was to assemble the last house before drawing on it. I also sort of like the envelope.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Part Deaux of Mike's Moley.

Mike's Moley on it's way to Aya.
Black and white pieces...Halloween theme.
Dance of the Pumpkins.
Collab piece for Aya to finish.
Here are the pieces I added to Mikes Moleskine. I really enjoyed working on this...especially the collab piece with Stephanie!

Whoo Hoo Moley on it's way to Andrea!

Halloween Blocks.
Happy Haunted Halloween.
Collaboration with Steph. I really like how this turned out, anxious to hear what Stephanie thinks.
Scarecrow close up.
Cat close up.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Molly Peck's Mole' is on its way to Roma!

I never know what will appear!

Leaving the status quo!

I just could not stop!

Collaboration piece for Roma or someone else... I left two.

Collaboration piece for Roma

Robot collaboration with Andrea Martinez


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2nd set of pages in Ammon's Mole

New Blog for Sketchbook Project

A number of people from this exchange joined the sketchbook project. TODAY is the last day to join.

I know some of you who joined do NOT want to blog about it.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BLOG ABOUT IT on a community blog, I have started a blog and will send you an invitation. Email me or leave a comment below. Nothing has been posted to the blog yet, except a small welcome note. I have made 4 pieces in my sketchbook over 6 pages, but no time yet to scan and post.

However, please note: I am leaving tomorrow for a week-long trip to Syracuse, NY, and may not be able to get online and deal with this until I get home.

Also, as far as THIS exchange goes, I do not have a Moleskine, I sent Ballookey's off to Ammon and he has received it. I have not received another. If it comes while I am away, I will not be able to work on it until I return home.