Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mary in Ellen's: Old City Jerusalem

I did these while camping at the Pinery in Ontario, Canada.  I was hoping to finish the book up there, but we had too much rain--and you can't paint in the rain.  (I can't, anyway.)  The first two are in Ellen's Moleskine and the the third is in my own sketchbook--I painted it with leftover paint from the other two. I'm including it as a peak into our life in the dunes up there.  I have one more piece to do, the half collab for Ammon.

I like to participate in the Virtual Paintout sometimes, where you go to the monthly chosen city and paint something visible from google maps street  views, as if you were at a real paintout.  Interestingly, in Jerusalem, the old-city srtreet views include scenes inside the bazaar, which is what I painted in Ellen's Moleskine.  It was strange painting these dark scenes in the brilliant sun of the dunes of the Pinery.

Jerusalem Old-City Bazaar #1
in Ellen's
Jerusalem Old-City Bazaar #2
in Ellen's
"Reading in the Dunes"
Biker Buddy relaxes
(This is in  my own sketchbook)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mary in Ellen's: Lone Tree

"Lone Tree"
water-soluble oil pastels and acrylics
"Lone Tree"
water soluble oil pastels

My trip to Syracuse came to a sudden, early, and precipitous end. The
car made terrible grinding sounds and the ball joint holding the front
driver's side wheel broke. Luckily, it did not happen while going 70
on the highway. While waiting for my husband to arrive after driving
400 miles to rescue me, I sat on my daighter's lawn and drew the tree
across the street in Ellen's mole with water soluble oil pastels.

I wasn't totally happy with the results and last night, I painted over
it with acrylics. (Of course I am never totally happy, but I am

We are leaving on yet another trip this morning. This time to camp at
the Pinery in Ontario, Canada. Wish me better luck on this
trip--we're taking my husband's car--mine got hauled to the scrap yard
(I cried.)

The tree I drew/painted is in the bottom photo, but I didn't have it to look at when I painted it.  In the pastels version, there are white spots at the corners where I taped it to the easel, because it was VERY WINDY!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mary in Ellen's: Poised to Strike

green frog
"Poised to Strike"
acrylic on paper
by Mary Stebbins Taitt

There seems to be a bit of a frog theme early on, so I decided to do a frog (acrylic.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gretchen and Mary in Ellen's: Wind

Collab with Gretchen and Mary
in Ellen's Mole

The half collab left for me by Gretchen reminded me of blowing hair.  When we visited Slovenia, many women (and men) had hennaed hair.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Moleys in sight...

I don't know about everyone else...but I sure am feeling left out!