Thursday, September 27, 2012

2nd page in Molly's by Mary

I'm going away shortly for a week and I am hoping I can do this before I leave (but I can't promise to, as I also have other commitments.)

But tonight, I have to stay up late because my son is coming home on the train for the weekend from college.  So I worked on another page in Molly's Moleskine.

Dana Waznik
(by me standing in for Yllsa)
Dana Wasnik is the protagonist, main character, of my serial novel, Discovery at Little Hog Island.  She, like Ross in the last post, is a fictional character, so I'm making her up.  Watercolor.

The part of the novel where this picture will appear has not been written yet, but you can read earlier parts here if you wish.  (Links to the installments on cowbird).

Molly's book arrove!!!!

I attacked it with joy and looked at all the the yummy wonderful pictures and then Keith did.

Grinning at artwork!

Can you see him secretly grinning at the picture?  (Please ignore our mess.)

And I did one and a half pages.

First I did the second half of the page Aya left for me:

Storm Brewing
I tried and failed to match the color.  (Watercolor and Pentel Hybrid Technica pen)

Then I did a drawing of "Ross" who is one of the main characters in a serial novel I am working on.  I am posting it in installments on Cowbird.  All the links are here if you are interested in looking at it--there is art or a photo with each installment. I had this idea of redoing all the art and publishing it as a coffee table novel.  Not sure if anything will come of that, but I'm having fun thinking about it.

from  Discovery at Little Hog Island
by me,
but supposedly by Yvonya
Pentel Hybrid Technica pen and Derwent Water-soluble Graphite Sketching pencils.  And water.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Something for Molly's pocket

Brace yourself for a long story...

So, as I said before, Ned and I got super busy for about a month, shooting lookbooks and other projects like crazy. it was a lot of work and a lot of fun...

One of those projects was a top secret hush hush shoot we did for a new TV show called Elementary, which is a modern Sherlock Holms story. The episod hasn't aired yet, so I can't give too many details, but we shot something that's going to be in a book that will be used as a prop in a scene.

As said, can't tell the whole plot, but basically, they needed a series of images of different woman looking glamourous, sexy, beautiful and strong. We had to cast the whole thing and find time to shoot it within a week and get the images to them super shortly afterwards. We found a bunch of friend-models that were brave enough to be shot in sexy underwear for TV and got to work...

I'm really happy with the shoot, and decided to use the images as reference for a little illustrated book for Molly's pocket.




I had quite a few leftover prints from attempts to align the pages, and so I painted them with watercolor and add one to Molly's book.



If you want to see the rest of the illustrations, check out this.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP in Molly's

Working on @mollypeck book for #moleskineexhange

Just finished the last half page today! Better scans and something for the pocket tomorrow and then it's off to Mary.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi All

Round three peeps, please finish up the books you have and get them back to their owners.

Also, this is a space to throw out ideas for Round 4.  Should we do less people and go around twice?

How should I screen new members?  Generally I would just do it by asking artists I had recently been following or enjoying, but I have struck out with that way a few times now.  :(  Some folks just don't understand the level of commitment.

Those of you who have been doing this for a while or who have branched out and done sketchbook exchanges of your own, what advice do you have?

I am not starting another round until all books are back to their owners, so if you know who has your book, hit them up and encourage them to get it finished.

Happy fall to all!