Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Senior Show

Hello gang. I have been busy with the major project of my senior year which is the Senior Exhibition. I have been working like crazy on that and nothing else. The photo is of the project finally up! There are 75 prints in there and each with a little bit of handcoloring. Our very own Andrea is in there.

I will get to work on the sketchbook that I have very shortly.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I is alive

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to post something to prove I'm still alive and working :)

Here are a couple previews from Ammon's mole-- I'm on vacation now, so I should be able to get in some good drawing time and finish it up soon.



(That's Florida sun slanting on the pages... awww yeah)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Furry old man"

BB, tired after a long day working at the "Cottage." Water Color
sketch tonight at dinner. In Jessie's mole.


Poised to Strike, Water color sketch in Jessie's book. Not doing
washes on the yellow mole paper, trying to see what effects I can get
without washes. Water color and a little gouache.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama is Superman!

Why does Superman look so sad? Superman is tired of being everything to everyone! Kryptonite is getting him down. Obama's Kryptonite is printed, green, has dead presidents on it and $ signs...

Johnnynorms out of hibernation

Hats at Jaunty Angles

Tap O'Green

10 Facets


Meet the Staff as in staphylococcus!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Round 2

Hi all,
  • On my last post (of art), the idea was put forth of going for round 2 of the Moleskine Exchange. I thought I'd make an official post seeing who wants to do that.
  • I am definitely going to start another exchange and I'd be happy to have some or all of you in again. I would like to add a few new members and maybe shake the rotation up a bit. Everyone okay with that?
  • Here are some ideas put forth for round 2:
  • Add a few members and or replace anyone who doesn't wanna go round again.
  • Let folks chose a different sketchbook if they are not into the Moleskine's. I would prefer you use a Moly, but I'm not going to get all kooky if you don't. Some folks just don't like working in them and I get that. I would ask that all the sketchbooks be around the same size and that the work stays in the book and is not removed down the road . (I'm thinking of a spiral bound sketchbook here)
  • Have the last page you draw in be open so that the next person can collaborate on a full page spread with the person before them.
  • Have everyone make an introductory page, that we all add to at the beginning (or the end, your preference) of the book.
  • I do want to start off with all new books for round 2, because there will be new members involved. So, finishing up the pages in the books from round 1 will have to be done outside of the new rotation. Does that make sense?
  • So far I think, Mike, Willie, Steve, Mary and myself are in. Anyone else in? Anyone want out for sure? If you are bowing out , are you going to go out and start your own exchange? I hope so!
  • Anyone know of someone that really would be a good fit with our group? I have a couple people who really wanted in from the last round that I will contact, but if you know someone we can look at adding them, depending on how many participants we have.
  • This is still a couple months out time wise, I want everyone to have their book # 1 back before we go again.
  • Let me know your thoughts friends!
  • Also, should I start a whole new blog for round two or continue on with this one?

Friday, March 6, 2009

In John's book

current state of affairs

hello friend (with apologies to Ammon)

dear john

blue man

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sketchbook project stops by dc

Since this is Moleskine related, I thought I'd post about it here. Basically, the Art House co-op from Atlanta is having their Sketchbook Project 3 tour roll across the USA currently. I dropped by their DC stop earlier in the evening. It was an excellent little show, and I posted more at my own blog if anyone is interested. They have lots of other cool projects planned as well, including a print exchange!