Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nun in Bar

All in Andrea's. Nun in bar, old guy birth, Harrisburg's pathetic mayor, art as it is sometimes taught, gator for Stephanie. 

Ballookey's Round 3 Mole arrives

We're all enjoying Ballookey's Mole.  I see there's been some wonderful posting, but I have to run, will come back and comment later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finished with Mike's Book

For Moleskine Exchange Project

Acrylic, Pitt Brush pens, more acrylic, Micron pen in Mike's book.

For Moleskine Exchange Project

For Moleskine Exchange Project
Neocolor II crayons

For Moleskine Exchange Project
Cool transfer.....

Half a page for Molly

This was from Carlos Campos show, which was colorful and awesome.



True story.... she was a lot nicer and looked younger then I expected.

Rachel Antonoff in Roma's book


This was so cute - a Wednesday Addams inspired collection by Rachel Antonoff.

Here is what it looked like in real life (if you can call fashion week real life...)

At the Blonds at Roma's book

Roma0201 Roma0202 Roma0203

 What a cool show this was! i love The Blonds, the whole thing was variation on the playboy bunny theme with as many sparkles, sequence and crystals as you can imagine. This specific piece was made from broken gold mirrors and was blindingly sparkly. Here is the original:

Page 1 in Roma's book

 This is me from a photo took at Richie Rich's show to check the light against one of the walls (the show was terrible by the way, but really really fun).

WIP in Roma's book

Half a page more, then scanning everything.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Aya's book, black & white, hit & miss

OK, now that it's been a few days since I parted with Aya's book, maybe I can look at these scans more objectively. First, a collaboration left by Claudia (I think). She pasted the arm in, I added the seed packet. The fact that it's an envelope doesn't really show well in the scan and I think I should have made some seeds tumbling out:

01 Arm

Leads to the page where the seeds germinate and sprout. I think I'm pretty happy with this page made from cut paper, wire, envelopes, and little pencil-drawn birds.

02 Tree

Oof. Then there's this owl. :( I really wanted to keep working with the black & white paper and I cut out this owl and also a second page that would have been a large deer with stuff going on between them, but when I assembled the owl I really didn't like it. At that point though, I was already against the deadline to ship the book. So I kept the owl and scrapped the deer. (the owl was better)

03 Owl

...I made a new deer page, and changed the banner on the owl to comment on my own struggles with ideas vs. reality.

04 Deer

And then bunny. He's half masked spirit, half briar rabbit. I think it needs some more work but I didn't want to ship the book any later. I'll send Aya a nicer version separately to make up for me testing out new things in her book. (#^_^#)

05 Bunny

In my hurry, I didn't photograph the beginning of the collaboration for Andrea to complete, but I'm sure she'll show it when it's done.

Self portrait with camera

From the first page in Roma's book, self portrait with a camera, this book is going to be dedicated to me adventure in fashion week...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ballookey's moleskine shipped to Mary today!

Collab with Roma

I like how this one turned out! Metallic gel pens on top of black fluid acrylic paint.

This was fun :) Inspired by my friend Jeremy, who has really cool paisley tattoos on his arm. He was going back to have them colored in, and asked me to help him pick the colors.
The result...

Gel pens and markers

Collab for Mary. I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. Abstract hills? I just kind of went with it... :)