Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meditations on the Vishanas of Gluttony

In Mike's Round Three Mole.

1)Meditation of the Vishanas of Gluttony I. Carp is considered a delicacy by some people. Here is a plate of well-cleaned carp. I do not, by any means, intend to imply that everyone who eats carp is a glutton.

2)Meditation of the Vishanas of Gluttony II. Here is the lone worm from the collaboration between Mike and Roma. The hungry carp want the worm and gulls want the carp and the hawks want the gulls and so on. It is also called "ripples." I kept giving this piece different names, e.g.: "Food Chain." And others.

3)The two page spread, captured with a little point 'n' shoot. Won't fit on the scanner. Ha ha, I just noticed you can see the tablecloth drawn in the first one behind the drawing in this one! :-D. Unintentional!

4)Meditation of the Vishanas of Gluttony III. Pocket item. IPad sketch on artrage.

The Vishanas are Habit Energies, in case anyone isn't familiar with them. Well, everyone, of course, is familiar with them in some ways. LOL! :-D

Each image will enlarge to some extent if clicked upon.

Going away camping in Canada (Pinery) for a long weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Collaboration with Gretchen in Mike's Round 3

Apologies to Gretchen, Mike and Aya for taking those absolutely gorgeous delicately rendered sunglasses and putting them on a pig. I felt driven to do so for some reason. Aya, you can print the original post by Gretchen and make something else out of it for her!

The scan never comes out quite like the original. I've included a detail because it doesn't show up right in the scan.

My part was done in Faber-Castelle PITT pigment artists pens and gel pens. A touch of oil pastel on the glasses. Gretchen's pens are much nicer than mine--Gretchen, tell me again what kind of pens they are.

Click the images to view them larger.

Monday, May 16, 2011


In Ellen's.

Collaboration with Ammon in Mikes Round 3 Book, 1st half

This is my first piece in Mike's Round 3 book and it is my collaboration for Ammon, 1st half. I haven't named it because I do not know what Ammon will make of it. Click image to view larger.

Andrea's Mole in Vietnam Round 3

Vietnam writing (Andrea's mole in Vietnam 2)Up & Down (Andrea's mole in Vietnam 1)

I never did post all the pages from Andrea's mole before sending it off to Gretchen. It is a world traveling book, since it's now in Hawaii with Gretchen. Here are the images I completed, most done during the weekend while I was in a heavenly beach resort called Phan Thiet in Vietnam. The rest were done en route to or from Vietnam.

When I asked my daughters what I should do on Mike's collab piece, they immediately said, "Worm on a hook!" Which is what I did, although there's room for further collaboration if anyone wants to join in later on:

Fish and Worm (Andrea's mole - collab with Mike)

This piece kept me awake once I landed in San Francisco after the long flight home. I exaggerated a bit about how long I'd been traveling. Door-to-door, from my hotel in Vietnam to my house in Corrales, I was in transit for about 24 hours. But believe me, sitting in the airport lounge trying to stay awake, it felt like I'd been on the road for at least 36.

Jetlag, again (Andrea's mole in Vietnam 3)

I was already at least ten days late so I rushed to do this collab piece for Gretchen. Not to mention, my black pen was almost out of ink!

Hand collab (Andrea's mole for collab with Gretchen)

I'll end with this shot of Ho Chi Minh City from my hotel window:

Saigon's Tallest

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Small Meditation on the Effects of Melancholia

This is the FINAL piece in Mike's Round II Moles which will be headed to Mike perhaps as early as tomorrow and if not, as soon as possible. It is done in Faber-Castell PITT pigment artist pens. Click image to view larger.

Small Meditation on the Nature and Memory of Bliss

This was combining compass use with "free-drawing" (free-coloring?) in the sense of not planning but seeing what evolves. I think I am a little too married to the idea of being pleased with the results to do this sort of thing--that is--not plan--at least until I get somewhat better at it and at least not in someone else's sketchbook! :-( I have a desire/need to please. Anyway, here it is, in Mike's round 2 sketchbook. Faber-Castell PITT pigment pens. Click image to view larger.

Two small meditations in Mike's Round 2

Mike, I tried to do what you said you did, which was free-drawing, starting out with no idea and seeing where it takes you. You are much better at it than I am, I think do better if I at least plan a little. The lower one was a free-drawing and the upper one, which I did second, was inspired by the first (lower). These are both done with Faber-Castell PITT artist pigment pens. I may try more of these in your book, but since I'm experimenting, no guarantees on the results! YIKES! Scary! (As usual, click images to view somewhat larger.)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Claudia's Moleskine Round Three on its way to Roma!

I love this one!  Inspired by Young Living's Ortho Sport massage oil - relief for athletes of all levels... "Relief."

Sun - titled by my daughter! Is another fun drawing. I don't start off with an end in mind, I just begin. Free drawing is wonderful and expressive!

I love the ocean and the thrill of riding Earth's powerful waves. I would be in the water non-stop if I lived by the beach...

Russian roulette! Why do people think there are intelligent people driving behind them? Use your indicators (blinkers). If only, the MDV would require drivers to be more intelligent than 50% of the population! Of course, this would require the government to step up their game in public transportation! Things which make me go hmmmmmm.

I always look twice when crossing a bike lane! I rarely ever see anyone in front of me looking back!

Skeleton Gymnastics collaboration with Roma. Help Roma... Help!

Last one in Roma's

It was exactly a month ago today that Roma's mole arrived. I say this because I am feeling a little guilty that I have a pile-up of moles at my house--THREE of them. I have finished with Roma's, finally! I had a terrible time with this last picture for some reason and I am far from satisfied with it, for which I apologize. But I was determined to complete it and get it mailed off. I probably will not be able to mail it until Monday at the earliest, but it will be on it's way ASAP!!!!

I forgot that I had originally intended to do the lettering for the captions. Here is the caption for this one,
"Jacob is a crabber and clammer who lives with his fisherfolk parents and the way long time ago times when there was still magic in the world." Actually, I think I have rewritten it slightly, but I cannot locate the current version. (DUH!)

I had trouble reproducing the drawing, so have two versions of it, neither of which are quite right. The last one is the two-page spread. Click on the images to view them larger. The middle one gets bigger (for inquiring minds). I am hoping that these will become illos for a children's book for my grandson.

Mike's Round 3 Mole Arrives!!!

Two days ago, I think, Mike's round 2 mole arrived. I now have three moles, two from round 3 (Roma's and Mike's) and one from round 2 (Mike's).

As usual, this mole is a GREAT PLEASURE to see in person. I loved seeing all the beautiful work in it.

Click the image to view it somewhat larger.

More Pix from Mike's Round 2 Mole

Once again, I apologize for the poor photo quality. :-(

These are mostly "details." Click to view larger.

Steve Loya's Pix from Round 2 in Mike's Mole

I'm having a little problem with the scanner, so I took with the camera. Later, I may repost some of them as scanned by the scanner if they come out better. (Or maybe he will post them?) Cool Splotch monsters, Steve! :-D They are much better in person than my sad copies.

Also, I am not sure I got the monsters all oriented correctly, so apologies Steve.

You can click on each one to see it larger.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

In Ammon's pocket

A little Cabinet of Curiosity to build. I made one for me and will probably list this on my etsy store to cause it's just too cool to keep for myself...
Cabinet of cusiosity
Cabinet of cusiosity
Cabinet of cusiosity
Cabinet of cusiosity

Mike's is off to Mary!

I finished Mike's mole today, and just dropped it off at the post office, so on it's way to Mary. I also received Andrea's mole in the mail today, which is GREAT, as I am headed to Hawaii tomorrow for a 10 day vacation! I'll work on it while I'm on the plane! Your mole really does travel around Andrea!
Here is some of the art I did in Mike's book:


Collab for Mary. Crazy sunglasses :)