Monday, September 24, 2018

Jousting Snailriders

Here is my first piece in the new Moley:  "Jousting Snailriders, after Baldus du UBaldis.

A cell shot, obviously.  I'll hopefully submit a scan later--I cannot go upstairs yet after surgery. This is part of the collection I am building of "famous paintings" that include Keith and me.  Although calling this one famous is a bit of a stretch.

Click on the images to view larger.

Here is the piece I fashioned it after:

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Santa with Crow by Mike Kline

I just got my Moleskine back and it is full of wonderful art.  However, there were also some midstream blank pages, and I have packaged it up to send it on to have the missing pages filled.  I grabbed this one as a lead-in to my story, because it reminds me of Biker Buddy (the hubster, Keith), who always dresses as Santa at Christmas (for my delectation). :D And we have a crow (toy) who looks like this one and I love Mike's graphic style!

I have my new Moley but haven't started on it and am having surgery the day after tomorrow (knee replacement Friday September 21, 2018).  Meanwhile, I do hope to do some work in it SOON!