Saturday, December 28, 2013

Egg tempera for Andrea's pocket

Biker Buddy
egg tempera on "artboard" (cardboard)
I don't know how well this will travel, but I'll try it.  I made the paint from French earth pigments and egg-yolk.  My daughter brought the pigments home from France.  Keith was talking to a friend and not sitting still.  I did not make a sketch first, but just painted right on the artboard with the paints.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidays!)

I decided to use a collaboration with Steve Loya as my Christmas card this year:

Have a wonderful Holiday!
As always, click image to view larger.
You can see the original from 2010 here.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mary in Mary's, page 4 pass 2 round 4: On a bright red caboose

On a bright red caboose
watercolor on watercolor moleskine
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Second draft

On a bright red caboose
watercolor on watercolor moleskine

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Goose                                      
and their friends Aloysius and Frangelica Moose     
And two herons who complained their stockings were loose
all rode together on a bright red caboose.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that I can get the book done in time for Christmas. (For my grandson).

This completes my work on this pass of round 4, except for the back cover and envelope if I have time--I'll be mailing soon.

(Now that I've signed it, scanned it and posted it, I've decided it's not quite done yet.) (By the way, the complexity of that caboose was just about beyond me!!!) (OK, I did work on it for another hour, not sure if I made it better or not, but the second one is on top.)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Queens of Tenacity, Ballookey in Andrea's

And with these, Andrea's book is done and I believe she has it back at long last.

Side note, there was an upside to me having this book so long. My 7-year-old niece came over for a visit last weekend and I brought out paper and pens so we could draw. She was flipping through the large sketchbook where I roughed out these pages, and so I brought out Andrea's Moleskine to show her. She loves to draw and make things, so I always try to encourage that.

Anyway she was just fascinated by looking at the book. She picked up on the different styles everyone has right away - after I told her who did the first image in a series, she could easily see that "Mary did this one (reading Mary's signature - so cute!) and Mike did this part..."

She picked up on the things that made each artist's work so special - loving the detail of Aya's work, the storied scenes that Mary painted, the bold and funny faces of Mike's work, and the graphic patterns of Andrea.

After we put the book away, she started filling a large sheet with her own graphic patterns, clearly influenced by Andrea. :)

It was great to visit the work through someone else's eyes.

Again, sorry for how blurry the images are. :( 
For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange

Collaboration page for Andrea to work. I wanted to finish it quick one night before sending the book, so I just took the thorny element from the previous page. I thought it might work well with Andrea's style. :)

For Moleskine Exchange

Didn't Give Up... Ballookey in Andrea's

Oops! I was in such a rush to send this, I didn't realize the one and only snapshot I took of this page was so blurry.

For Moleskine Exchange

A closeup of this half the page, for what it's worth (not much, still blurry):

For Moleskine Exchange

Friday, December 6, 2013

starting second round in my book

The book is already on it's way to Ballookey (or maybe got there already), and it took forever both to finish and to get out. I had that experience I only heard about before, when it comes to Moleskine Exchange - I was star struck. I have to say, this was the book with my all time favorite work on Moleskine exchange ever, and the fact that it was my book did not make it any easier.

I was really too scared to start painting and wreck a winning streak.

Eventually, there was no way around it and I had a few "dead days" - those days between a new job coming in and getting all the material to work with, and so, I got working. 

I kept the dream theme with my work in this book, and most of what's here are some sort of dreams that I had recently. 

Pages 1 and 2 with Mike

Pages 3 and 4 - Transfusion 

Pages 5 and 6 - all the dreams are true

Page 7 - for Ballookey

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Tut tut, Woman Scolding" Collab for Mike

"Tut, tut, Woman Scolding"
First half of a collaboration for Mike to finish
pen and ink with watercolor "wash"
click image to view larger.
Okay, here's my collaboration of the second pass of round four in my own Moleskine, for Mike to finish.

I still have one full page to do of my own work, plus I was going to do the back cover.  I may skip that until later, same with decorating the envelope,  If I'm running late.

Cardinals Collab with Hennie Mavis in Mary's Mole

Hennie's lovely start
(First half)
(click this and all images to see larger)
Hennie's gorgeous painting is wonderfully balanced and has really nice composition and color.

my half of the collaboration
cardinals fly, by Mary Taitt
Unfortunately, when I started this painting, we company for dinner and I only had one of my small watercolor kits, it was the wrong one, and the colors didn't match.  Wrong reds and blues.  Of course, that wasn't the only flaw, I'm sorry to say.

full double-page spread
Cardinal Dream
collab Hennie Mavis and Mary Stebbins Taitt

I have one solo piece and one first half collab for Mike left to do before I mail.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Man with the Fish Tie"

Co-worker and spouse loved the first "man with fish tie" so I created a new one for them!

"Happy Thanksgiving"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Collaboration, Part I, Cardinal Dream and Two pocket items

Cardinal Dream, by Hennie Mavis, scan
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Here is a scan of Hennie Mavis's Cardinal Dream. I totally love both the dreama nd the art!  Do click on it to see it larger.  We spent a wonderful couple days together in Syracuse, NY, where neither of us live any more, hiking and doing art.  As soon as I can, i will complete the collaboration and post it; I've been absurdly busy.  Confession:  On top of all the other problems and commitments, I am also trying to do NaNoWriMo this month.

Braid by Hennie Mavis on Banana paper
I have a sketchbook  made of all nature fibers.  The paper is made largely of banana skins.  It is very lightweight, but responds differently than other paper.  hennie did this picture of my braid as a collaboration for me to complete.

Biker Buddy, for Andrea's pocket
Here is a portrait of Biker buddy in water color for Andrea's pocket. I did it last night. We had ML over for dinner, keith's Mom, And I worked hard making a fairly elborate dinner, so then I rested doing art. YAY art.
In the Garden, for Andrea's pocket
When I was with Hennie doing art at the motel, I finished one picture and started this, which I finished when I got home. I did without the benefit of anything to look at, and I also didn't sketch it ahead, just painted directly on the paper out of my head.

Three Poppies, banana paper
This is the painting that I did on the banana paper while Hennie was doing the cardinals and before she did the braid.

a bit of silliness
at the motel
doing art at the motel
Hiking with Scott (by BB)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sketchbook Party Crasher

I happened to see Mary last weekend & lo, she had a sketchbook with her from the current exchange. It was her own book, about to be sent out & around, so she asked me to do a page before she mailed it. Intended as a collab, I left most of the righthand page for her to complete. (Click on photo to view larger.)

This image is from a dream I had, which Mary has known about for years. I dreamed I was walking in nature & came upon a grove of sumac trees. The sumacs were covered in conical red blooms, or so I thought -- but when I got closer I suddenly realized they were not blossoms, but male cardinals! So many, more than I'd ever seen together. At the same instant I recognized them, they burst up & away in a cloud of flight. It was a magnificent dream!

Yes, I creep the site on occasion, just for fun. Love the work you're all doing! :-)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Toys. Ballookey in Andrea's Book



Grumpy. Ballookey in Andrea's Book


Outsider. Ballookey's doodle in Andrea's book

Moleskine Exchange Moleskine Exchange

I didn't have Andrea's book with me, but I wanted to do this little composition, so I used some paper I had lying around at work. More like this to come.

The work never ends. Ballookey's doodle in Andrea's book

Moleskine Exchange

That was a bad day at work.

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date

Moleskine Exchange

My collaboration with Aya, in Andrea's book. Inspired by real life where I posted a photo of my latest purple and pink hair to Facebook with the caption "Don't hate me because I'm colorful".

Sorry that I'm terribly late on this - I'm overwhelmed with work and I knew I would be. I almost didn't do this round of the exchange because I knew I would get this busy - it happens every year. But I did a lot of work in Andrea's book while at work, in the form of little doodles and vignettes. I'll post them throughout the weekend as I finish touching them up or pasting them in.

Friday, November 1, 2013


My Moleskine arrived on the 29th.  YAY!  I was so pleased to have it back.

Biker Buddy and Biker Buddy,

I did my collaboration with Andrea first, which I posted as a Halloween Card, but here is is plain:

Sugar Skull by  Andrea Martinez and Mary Stebbins Taitt
And now I have done my first piece, which is an illo for a book that I working on for my grandson Frankie for Christmas.

Mrs. Goose and her Mate
Acrylics and watercolor
by Mary Stebbins Taitt

Mrs. Goose read the invite to her beloved mate
and said, hurry, my darling, we must not be late.

I was hoping to have it done for his birthday.  Now I hope to have it done by Christmas.  We will be traveling Sunday through the following Monday (~N3-11), and I may not be online much and I apologize for missing stuff, but I have yet to figure out how to work the gmail tabs, so I missed a lot.  I will catch up at some point, but probably NOT while traveling.

To see images much larger, click and scroll.