Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Lunatics at Syracuse; Mary's second piece in her own book for the New Round

Lunatics at Syracuse after Istvan Farkas, click to view larger
This is a cell phone shot, I can't use the scanner yet due to surgery.

Here is the original painting that I copied and altered.  Farkas's is in oils, and mine in watercolor.  I made the primary figure taller and thinner to represent my husband Keith. I put myself in the painting, too.

The Lunatic at Syracuse, by IStvan Farkas
Farkas was killed in the gas chamber at Auschwitz in 1944.  Farkas means wolf in Hungarian.

I really like the original painting.  It is stark, compelling and makes good use of a limited color palette!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Jousting Snailriders

Here is my first piece in the new Moley:  "Jousting Snailriders, after Baldus du UBaldis.

A cell shot, obviously.  I'll hopefully submit a scan later--I cannot go upstairs yet after surgery. This is part of the collection I am building of "famous paintings" that include Keith and me.  Although calling this one famous is a bit of a stretch.

Click on the images to view larger.

Here is the piece I fashioned it after:

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Santa with Crow by Mike Kline

I just got my Moleskine back and it is full of wonderful art.  However, there were also some midstream blank pages, and I have packaged it up to send it on to have the missing pages filled.  I grabbed this one as a lead-in to my story, because it reminds me of Biker Buddy (the hubster, Keith), who always dresses as Santa at Christmas (for my delectation). :D And we have a crow (toy) who looks like this one and I love Mike's graphic style!

I have my new Moley but haven't started on it and am having surgery the day after tomorrow (knee replacement Friday September 21, 2018).  Meanwhile, I do hope to do some work in it SOON!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mary Taitt in Steve Speseris's Mole

Splotch Monster and Owl
The splotch Monster is an imaginary collaboration with Steve Loya, done by me.  The owl is an imaginary collaboration with Mike Kline, done by me.

Rupert the Rachmaninoff Singing Rooster and Rmembering the Grande Ballroom

Rupert the Rachmaninoff and Mozart singing Rooster is an imaginary collaboration with Aya Rosen, done by me, and Keith Remember the Grande Ballroom is also by me.

The Eye that sees Nature and after the Easter-Egg hunt
After the Easter Egg Hunt is a collab for Steve Spetseris.

Arctic Flora, with alcohol Inks
This was my first-ever attempt to use alcohol inks and I was not pleased--it's like trying to paint with fast-drying marker fluid.  It bleeds through.

Grey Morning
This was my second ever attempt to paint with alcohol Inks, which this time I did over grey gesso. Still not pleased.  Need much more practice and research.

The Flesh Market:  Innocence
Pocket item, acrylic.

This is a gomuban (linoleum) print with woodprint color details.  Pocket item.

The Landing
This is an envelope painted with acrylic (and pen).  I wouldn't have painted the envelope except that it was Sunday and I couldn't mail it anyway.