Thursday, February 2, 2017

Circus in Steve's book

This is how I met Steve:

Because there was no Moleskine Exchange in ages, I joined a few groups on Facebook that gives a weekly, a daily or a bi-weekly creative challenge, and people draw or paint according to specific prompt. Steve was one of my favorite participant in a group called Daily Drawing Challenge, in which a guy post a daily photograph and everyone use that as a reference. I quit that group pretty shortly after, because the lack of diversity in the images was pretty depressing, but me and Steve became Facebook buddies and we both do a lot of those group challenges.

So in Steve's book, all the drawings were results of some challenge or another. Also, just because I have an easier time working with a topic, this one became "Circus"

This one was for an Israeli group called Daily Speed Sketch Israel, The first group I joined probably over a year ago. Each day there are 3 words and participants draw some combination of them. In this case it was Unicycle and Compass. You have to draw in 1 color only, and in half an hour or less. I only did a part of it in half hour and finished it later.

The one on the left was for the same group and the words were Acrobat and Blowfish, on Saturday they actually do allow color! so when I finished it, it had a purple background, but I added the text and diamonds after.
The one on the right was for a different group called Daily Spitpaint, each day they give 4 topics and people choose one and draw it in 30 minutes or less, that's the only limitation. The topic here was "Lion Den".

This is my half page, it was also for Daily Spitpaint, and the topic was "Fat Rat"

And in the pocket - a very small paper doll that I made for yet another group, called Daily Sketching Workout, which have one topic everyday and also it's a group that started by an art book publisher and each week they pick a drawing and someone get a book in the mail! the topic was "Butterfly Wing".

I don't do all the groups challenges everyday, but I try to get at least one everyday, it's a really good way to get me drawing. I highly recommend it!

First pages in my book

It's always so much easier to me to work with a topic, and with this one it was "The White Rabbit".