Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Selected an Owl, tho I'm a Turkey!

I've already confessed directly to Aya that I am shamefully behind on Ellen's book, which I swear, swear, swear to finish over the holiday weekend. As if to punctuate that plan, Aya's Mole arrived from Ash! It seemed only fitting to open the mailing pouch in my local cafe, since much of her work is created in a cafe near her.

Her book gave me entertainment while I gulped a hot cup of coffee, between a 5 mi. walk w/friends & my yoga class. I may be creatively sluggish this month, but at least I'm fit & healthy, HA!

Puzzling me, however: wasn't I supposed to get Anders' book first? I thought Aya's book would be my last one before my own Mole returns, but I don't think I've seen Anders yet. Something else to look forward to, then :-) Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I know you've been working hard with the holiday rush, but now maybe you can relax and so some art. I haven't had a book in a long time!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU and yours and to ALL of you and yours.