Thursday, September 27, 2012

Molly's book arrove!!!!

I attacked it with joy and looked at all the the yummy wonderful pictures and then Keith did.

Grinning at artwork!

Can you see him secretly grinning at the picture?  (Please ignore our mess.)

And I did one and a half pages.

First I did the second half of the page Aya left for me:

Storm Brewing
I tried and failed to match the color.  (Watercolor and Pentel Hybrid Technica pen)

Then I did a drawing of "Ross" who is one of the main characters in a serial novel I am working on.  I am posting it in installments on Cowbird.  All the links are here if you are interested in looking at it--there is art or a photo with each installment. I had this idea of redoing all the art and publishing it as a coffee table novel.  Not sure if anything will come of that, but I'm having fun thinking about it.

from  Discovery at Little Hog Island
by me,
but supposedly by Yvonya
Pentel Hybrid Technica pen and Derwent Water-soluble Graphite Sketching pencils.  And water.


Aya Rosen said...

OMG! marry! I love what you did with my half! that's brilliant! I don't even know what I'de do with that one if I had to. You surpassed anything I could have imagine.

Moleskine Exchange said...

Halleloo! Books do still get to where they need to. Thanks for posting & sharing Mary.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you Aya and Andrea. I had fun with this. I am in Syracuse on my way to Maine and have the Mole with me, but haven't had a chance to work on it yet. AYA, I love your little booklet and the photo!!!! Thanks, YAY!