Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mary in Molly's (more)

pocket item:  BB
graphite and water-soluble graphite

Dana revisited
Water color, graphite and water-soluble graphite

Graphite and water-soluble graphite
Heidi and Mary
with Mole-work
I know everyone is dying for a picture of Biker Buddy, so I made one for Molly as a pocket item (It's too big for her pocket, though).

I did more work on Dana.

Rheta is another character in my novel.

BB and I drove to Maine and stopped at Heidi's in NH on the way and she and I did mole artwork together--they are both pix off Biker Buddy!  Both a little stylized.

I loved visiting Heidi--we had so much fun!!!  THANKS Heidi, for the hospitality!!!  :-D

Sorry to say I've been sick since I got home.  More to follow asap.


Moleskine Exchange said...

So coo that you two got to work together.
Love it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It was cool--we had so much fun!