Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What a mess!

First page in Andera's book was done in the middle of an extremely busy photography time for us. Ned and I are shooting a lot of look books right now, and we also shot a show card package for a models agency, which means shooting all the models they are presenting for next fashion week.

So, I planned to use Andrea's book at a little visual diary of this busy time of hanging out with models and thinking of the nature of beauty and what is fashion etc.

The first page is one of those pieces that everything went wrong in.
I wanted to use Mike's pattern as a background, but didn't quite measured correctly and the model (a lovely crazy girl called Eli) came out smaller then expected, so I decided to cover part of Mike's pattern with white liquid acrylic. This usually work for me, but I forgot to check if Mike's drawing was done in waterproof paint. As it turned out, it was not! the black ink mixed with the white paint and I went over it a million times, while it kept coming out gray.

And so, I decided to cover that with red tattoos. This solved the problem, but then the model got blended in the background because of the tattoos... So, I painted the background, But then it turned out that the white paint doesn't hold the markers.

So this was fun, and actually, considering all the disasters, came out pretty well...

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merrytait said...

I think this is VERY COOL and I like it a lot--the combination of the graphic style of Mike with your delicate likes is very striking.