Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ballookey's half page

It's funny to leave a half page in Ballokey's book for Ballookey. I guess that means I'm getting my own book next?!
As ususal, i can't wait to see how she finish this one.

Abraxas is a name of a daemon, I think originating in Jewish mysticism. I picked him over a million other daemons with  equally cool names because I used to go to a bar in Israel called Abraxas before I moved to NY.

The description, which I really like is, strangely enough, from Carl Jung, I really like the way he related to psychological and mystic ideas in much the same way and the fact that he was a scientist didn't make him stop relating this myth and his beliefs.  

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merrytait said...

Far out--you do such cool things! Amazing and interesting!!!