Monday, August 25, 2014

Kissed Frankie goodnight/Mole arrove

"and then all the animals kissed Frankie goodnight"
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painting by me, Mary Taiit, watercolor
I just received Aya's Moleskine from Andrea and am ashamed to admit I have not sent Ballookey's to Mike.  I had out of town company and we were extremely busy going to the zoo etc.  Now they have left and I will try to make it a priority to get that mailed.  The above painting is in one of my own moles which I painted after I finished Ballookey's mole, but before I mailed her mole.  The thing that is holding me up is the card that I made for her and then gave away!  (My mother-in-law saw it and asked for it!)  That is the next thing I will do, hopefully, after breakfast!  I am running late with breakfast trying to catch up with things I didn't get done while company was here.  (I do painting a the dining room table after dinner, while Keith is having wine, but the card is a different kind project the requires a different location and tools.)

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