Saturday, February 14, 2015

I have a book!!!

I'm so excited! I feel like it's been years since I posted anything here! last week I got Ballookey's book. Does that mean that this is the one-before-last round?!

Anyway, I couldn't wait to start and so, without farther ado - pages 1 and 2 in Ballookey's book!

I started out with one idea about doing just birds, but then decided against it and changed midway to fairytales, I guess the page is a little confused, but overall, I'm happy with it. Also, since there are still a nice amount of clear pages, I decided to draw on one side of the page only so that I can use Sharpies without worrying about the ink bleeding (yay!).


merrytait said...

Very cool! I totally love your backgrounds, and these have some of my favorite images in the foreground! How fun!

merrytait said...

Fairy tales are always a good theme, and love Carp (goldfish) and rabbits and lockets!