Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In mary's book

As you can see from the drawings, I was trying to avoid making invoices for jobs we just finished shooting, so there's even more details than usual.
All the texts are from the beautiful poem by Neil Gaiman, Instructions.

Some of those were also challenges on Facebook groups, the dragon on the half page with Steve was for "dragon rider", The wolf's skeleton was for "Bony", The girl on the right was for "Flamenco dancer and cherry blossom" and the one in the middle was for "Fashion". The bloody wolf, at the bottom of the half page was "leader of the pack".

In mary's pocket - I got the oil paint which I never used out of the drawer to make a portrait of my mother in law's dog, Lulu, that just passed away. so I made Mary 3 tiny paintings on wood slices. They are for the last 3 lines of the poem:

And then go home.
Or make a home.
And rest.


Moleskine.Exchange said...

Oh no, LuLu, she was the black poodle you had visiting when we visited you, yes? Sorry to hear that Aya. I got to see your work in Mary's book today and the detail work is superb!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! AYA! I am so glad these are in my book, I love them and the poem you chose to illustrate. As a poet, I am particularly fond of illustrated poems! The detail is fabulous in the art! Amazing and wonderful. Cool little wood slices!!!! We used to do that with the kids at camp when I was a counselor. How fun!

Sorry about the loss of Lulu! :(