Thursday, April 21, 2011

Claudia's Moly is on the way to Mike.

My collaboration with Ballookey, I loved these matches B!

I did the color & flames portion of this and Ballookey started the main matchbook design.

Abstract Wings

Dudes from Magazine ads.

The half a page I left for Mike.

Note to all, in Claudia's Moly there is a loose page. It is one of the pages Ballookey worked on. Be careful not to misplace it. Claudia had torn out a page in the front of her Mole, which made the structure of the book a bit weak. I took all of the stuff out of her pocket and put it in an envelope that is shipped with the Moly. Be careful!


roma said...

Ha ha, love Dudes from Magazine ads!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

These are great! Now I want to do magazine ad dudes too! I( lvoe them--I love them all!!!!! I wish each of us could do a collaboration with the others. So much FUN!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

such amazing creativity in the abstract wings, so interesting!!!

Something Different said...

Thanks Roma and Mary.

Wings: I meant to do the little circles on the left wing too, but I was working on this one late at night and I just forgot. hmmmpppfff!

Moleskine Exchange said...

Arg! Why am I getting all this space in between my paragraphs? I hate that. Whenever I try and delete it just gets bigger. TORTURE!

ballookey said...

I saw those dudes on your other blog, I think, and they cracked me up! I love the collab too. I kept forgetting to post a photo of it, so when I saw it completed I was totally surprised.