Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Mary's Book

Moleskine Exchange

Okay everybody. I am still a little clogged in the nose but that didn't stop me from makin' art in Mary's book.

Moleskine Exchange

This was my collab piece with Ammon. Ammon has a very different artistic style than me and I was somewhat at a loss on how to expand on these pieces. Looking at them for a while, these three faces reminded me of the older women I'd see roaming the mall I used to work at in the late 80's- so I turned Ammon's sketches into cartoons of these women. But even then, it wasn't enough. I realized that I needed to tell some short anecdotes on what I could remember about these women.

Moleskine Exchange Mandala

Playing with my new brayer!Acrylic paint, black gesso & a white gel pen. And the green grass grew all around all around, and the green grass grew all around.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! These are really cool! I can't wait to see them in the book!!!! What fun! I love the synergy of collaborations and I love what you did here and the mandala is gorgeous! THANK YOU!!!!

ballookey said...

Both pages are wonderful. The green and black mandala is really cool looking. I love the swirl of color in the background.

Mike Kline said...

Excellent work! I agree the Mandala is wonderful.

Something Different said...

Love your collab with Ammon!

roma said...

I love these! The collab is so fun and alive, and this is a gorgeous mandela. Your brayer'd background is so rich.