Monday, February 27, 2012

Pocket item for Ammon

I almost mailed Ammon's Mole off today and then I remembered that I had not yet done a pocket item.

A Light in the Forest
5 x 7 Copic Marker and pen
on "bleedproof" paper (NOT!)
I bought some bleed-proof marker paper today--it does make a more precise line, but it bleeds through.  I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to do double-sided marker images for the sketchbook project.  This paper is very thin, almost like tracing paper.  The Copic blenders do NOT work. (or else I don't know how to use them).  By the way, the actual image (drawing) does not look as dark as this scan.  (This is an original, and I was experimenting with the media.  I am also including two 5 x 7 prints of paintings that have been accepted at an online Zine (The Browsing Corner) but will not be shown until June, so I am not to post them until after that.  This now completes the package and I hope to get it mailed tomorrow!

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