Monday, January 14, 2013

My Second Oil Pastel, Round 3 book

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This is my second ever oil pastel, which I did my Round 3 returned sketchbook.  I concentrated on practicing technique.  I drew the image freehand, but copied the boat from an online image and the background from a different online image.  I had already started it when Ballookey told me that the oils will damage the paper over time.  Too late.  Any way to save it?  Not that it is great art, but I'd like the book to remain intact.  It is on the page facing the pink elephant.  I photographed it rather than scanning it--I didn't want to damage the scanner.


ballookey said...

The pastels are meant to be used on paper, I just meant that in a book, the oil will soak through and be visible on other pages, so I would use something oil resistant between the pages of the book to keep the oil from transferring.

You can scan the image without damaging the scanner, the only thing I'd be cautious about is damaging the art. When the pastels are fresh, they're pretty soft and even after they've cured a bit, they still could be moved. Just lay it carefully on the scanner and don't slide it around and it should be fine. Any blips that come off on the scanner glass can be cleaned off with glass cleaner just like fingerprints.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Oh, good, I've really been worrying about it. Especially since someone else's art is on the other side of one of the pages.

I was wondering how people could even USE pastels. I think the piece on the other side of King Pink is acrylic and well sealed, I hope. I will be careful what I put on the other side of the one.