Monday, June 10, 2013

A few little phone pics from my work in Aya's book.

I decided to continue with the theme that Aya started and Ballookey continued.
I don't think I did Ballookey's lovely dark horse justice on this page.  :(

Still trying - forever trying - to create a perfect mandala.  
You know the perfect circle drawing exercise.

A hot fan blows in your face.  Isn't that horrible?

Forgive the question, are we shipping on the 15th or the 1st.  How have y'all been working?  I know I should know that, but for whatever reason it is just not in my head.  If it's the first I'll try and make up some time with the next book Mary.

I hope all of you are well.


merrytait said...

COOL pic, they look GREAT! Nice details. :-D Good colors!

I thought we were mailing on the 15th--and that I had mailed early.

merrytait said...

pics, all of them! Excellent.

merrytait said...

No longer having the use of your hands is pretty scary! Cool piece, too! :-D

Moleskine.Exchange said...

Thanks Mary.
15th is perfect, I was just wondering if I was late.

ballookey said...

I love the bold graphic designs you do - I think you did a fine job with the collaboration. :) I've been trying to set them up with your work in mind.

And the 15th works fine for me - about to ship Mike's to you today.