Monday, December 9, 2013

Queens of Tenacity, Ballookey in Andrea's

And with these, Andrea's book is done and I believe she has it back at long last.

Side note, there was an upside to me having this book so long. My 7-year-old niece came over for a visit last weekend and I brought out paper and pens so we could draw. She was flipping through the large sketchbook where I roughed out these pages, and so I brought out Andrea's Moleskine to show her. She loves to draw and make things, so I always try to encourage that.

Anyway she was just fascinated by looking at the book. She picked up on the different styles everyone has right away - after I told her who did the first image in a series, she could easily see that "Mary did this one (reading Mary's signature - so cute!) and Mike did this part..."

She picked up on the things that made each artist's work so special - loving the detail of Aya's work, the storied scenes that Mary painted, the bold and funny faces of Mike's work, and the graphic patterns of Andrea.

After we put the book away, she started filling a large sheet with her own graphic patterns, clearly influenced by Andrea. :)

It was great to visit the work through someone else's eyes.

Again, sorry for how blurry the images are. :( 
For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange For Moleskine Exchange

Collaboration page for Andrea to work. I wanted to finish it quick one night before sending the book, so I just took the thorny element from the previous page. I thought it might work well with Andrea's style. :)

For Moleskine Exchange


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love the cuteness and the detail, the sword, the axe, the flowers, the eyelashes. Wonderful!!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

They remind me of playing cards! I like them! :-D

Andrea said...

I am still trying to figure out what to do with thos barbs, but I like 'em.