Saturday, June 7, 2008

Practice Mole

I've been wanting to get a practice mole, as the "official " (now circulating) one is the first one I've ever had. I wanted to try things in something other than the moles of other folk, so now I
can--"cause I got a new one to practice in. Of course my first sketches are of BB. I did the ink one first and then the water color--it looks like gouache, but it is water color--water color behaves oddly on this paper! I won't post any more of these, but I am pleased that I can hopefully try out ideas without potentially spoiling someone else's mole.


steve said...

Smart gal you are Mary. I think if I viewed all my Moleskines as practice material, they all might turn out somewhat more interesting.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I feel a little more relaxed about just playing when I am practicing. :-D

ian russell said...

it's resistant to paint, I even found that with gouache. I wonder if there's something you can use on it before the paint?

has anyone used the unlined ''notebook'' moleskine - I'm wondering if the paper is different.

nice work, mary. I'd still feel a little anxiety practising in a moleskine. I got two new ones from amazon and I'm wondering how to fill them.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I wonder if you treat the paper with gesso first . . . .


I did more in it today. Piano Boy graduated from 8th grade tonight and I took my mole and sketched in it during the long hot tedious pile of speeches etc.

Then came home and painted in it again. With similar results. I sort of like but sort of don't like the result. I might try gesso.