Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jessie's Moleskine

Poseidon likes Jazz (micron pen & watercolour)

Laundromat Blues (assorted felts & markers)

''Sea bass'' was too corny, even for me. Still loving the jazz; there isn't anything that sounds quite like a double-bass! Laundromat blues is an old Rory Gallagher number (God bless him!) - the opening line always tickles me, ''whad'ya think of that?!, I'm sleeping down at the laundro-mat...''. Who hasn't spent an afternoon down the 'Mat without feeling sleepy? It must be the smell of soap and all that humidity. However, RG probably refers to his stay in a flat (apartment) in Earl's Court - above a laundromat.


steve said...

Always love your work and commentary Ian. Your love of music shines through in your art so often. These are truly fantastic!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WONDERFUL, love the Poseidon one, so perfect with the flow of water and the flow of JAZZ, wow! It moves me. I like the other one, too, been there done that, and now I have the picture to remember it by! LOL! Far out!

Mike Kline said...

Poseidon jams on! I wondered what caused the waves. As a surfer, I hope Poseidon jams continually. Nice! Suds & Duds sounds like an old movie theater in Ft.Walton Beach Florida...Having some suds (beer) sitting at tall tables, with friends, in duds.

Andrea said...

Love the Laundromat! I have a strange affinity for those hot linty smelling places.