Friday, February 19, 2010

First piece in Hennie's Mole: Goose skull

YAY! I have a mole again, so I can stop making pocket material and start making mole sketches. Woohoo!

I have a whole collection of skulls, including a number of goose skulls, all of which I found in the wild. This one was on my mantle over the fireplace. I took it out in the backyard next to the house where the snow had melted enough to expose some leaves and set it down there and photographed it and returned it to the mantle and then copied the photo using four Faber-Castell PITT big brush pigment markers and nothing (except the pencil to sketch just a little and the pen to sign). I wanted to make something in Hennie's mole with the markers I'd gotten for Christmas, just them and nothing else--and the skull in leaves seemed like a topic that would use those colors to advantage. Click image to view larger.
I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats


steve said...

Fabulous x 10 Mary! This looks a lot like a lovely print even.

Aya Rosen said...

this is so gorgeous! I love what you are getting out of those markers. The color scale, the image, the detail. Wow!

henniemavis said...

Oh goodie, I was hoping I'd get a goose skull! As you know, I love nature things, & that includes any skeletal features of fully decomposed waterfowl, HA!

merrytait said...

WOW! Thanks Steve, Aya and Hennie! I really appreciate your kind words.

Hennie, I know you were just wishing and wishing for a goose skull, LOL! I was just wracking my brain trying to think of something I hadn't yet done ((for your pocket) that would suit that set of colors.

(And since we both like nature . . . )

The cool thing is they do not bleed through the paper. YAY!