Monday, February 8, 2010

two for andrea

Got some nice Pitt sanguine pens.

Thought I'd try them out on an abstract comic too.


steve said...

This will indeed brighten Andrea's day. These are beyond incredible.

ballookey said...

I love both pieces - the abstract comic really captures the imagination. And that red - that's serious!

henniemavis said...

Wow, these are both neat-o. I really like looking at the enlarged version of the top one. The whole time I'm scrolling around, the lines filling my screen, I'm loving it!

I am going to try making an "abstract comic"... as soon as I read more about them. Or maybe the key is to not overthink it before beginning? Hm.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Super duper! I have one of those PITT Sanguine pens, the big brush one, I got for Christmas. But my pix don't look like that. Your work is inspiring me to try to do more "folds"

These are great. Abstract comic, huhn! That's really interesting and the other is WILD!

thraxil said...

All there really is to read about abstract comics is what Andrei Molotiu has written and what others have written about what he's written. For that see the Fantagraphics anthology and

But you really don't need to read any of that to get started if you're interested. If you do read it, you'll quickly realize that there are as many different approaches to abstract comics as there are artists.

What I think is far more important is to have a love of and understanding of comics in general. For that, I recommend Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" and "Making Comics".

steve said...

I love comics and abstract art and I never really thought much of combining these two seemingly different art forms. I think people are really kicking the doors out and going beyond what was the original, implied notion of what comics are. Again, wonderful stuff here!

henniemavis said...

Geez, I'm overstimulated by some great discussion today, HA!

I did already skim thu some of the at the time of joining this group, as I was creeping the newbies & their art interests. (I had already creeped the Round 1 artists all last year, HA!) Re: comics in general, I got sidetracked when I started reading about Will Eisner's "graphic novel" concept. I like the idea of storytelling with images only, no words. Perhaps a compromised starting point for me, as I don't know if I'm capable of being completely abstract. We'll see very soon!

I don't have a Moleskine right now & I don't want to post too much extraneous stuff here, so I'll post to the site you mention, if they allow it... or to my own blog, for laughs. Thanks for the info!

Andrea said...

These are gorgeous! Thank you so much for your creations in my book. I am really in love with the idea of abstract comics.