Friday, March 26, 2010

Abstract Comic by Andrea

Undulate: How Will It End ~ 3/25/2010

This is my first attempt at an abstract comic.
Would love to hear Anders' opinions on this one,
since the inspiration was a book he is featured in.

Give me some feedback and a serious critique pals.


steve said...

There's definitely some kind of dialogue going on here between the shapes and lines Andrea! I like the limited color scheme too. Wonderful job!

ballookey said...

I particularly like the red spilling from one panel to the panel below it. And the series of diagonal lines that stray and start to go googly - love those. I think you've got great things going on here and really did a great job on the idea!

I'll offer one idea - there's a little diagonal square in the bottom right quadrant of the second image. It's laying over the border of one of the bigger panels. From a mis-spent youth reading comic books, I expect it to transition the story of the panel above to the next scene. Sort of like "Meanwhile..." or "Suddenly..." Comic artists use a device similar to that to dramatically move action from one scene to the next, but there's no rule that says it has to, and what you've done is just so great, from a graphic perspective it's not spoiled at all.

henniemavis said...

Andrea, this is amazing. Quite a story indeed! When I look into this, I see the frets & tangled or snapped strings of a guitar... and murder (blood, cracks, etc.) perhaps? Scary stuff. Hmmm, that's just my stray impression. Who done it?

thraxil said...

These are really cool.

Are the scans clipped or did you draw it with the panels spilling out of the page? And was this a watercolor or regular moleskine (ie, are those pages oriented as they are in the blog post, with a panel that sort of continues from one page to the next) or are they side by side? Or is it intended to be ambiguous? (I assume the pages are intended to be related rather than completely independent)

The red/black/white color scheme along with some of the shapes gives me some map and diagram vibes. Like it's instructional. It's also reminiscent of hurricane flags, which is a pretty powerful thing to bring in.

Altogether, with the movement, the colors and the allusions, I find it alarming. Definitely action packed.

Something Different said...

Thanks Steve!

Ballookey, thanks for bringing that transitional point of view to my attention, I had not thought of it that way, but it kind of works with the narrative I had in mind.

Hennie, not so much a murder, but definitely some damage. ;)

Thraxil, the scans are clipped. I wanted them to be scanned in, but the scanner I was using only goes so big. The squares are complete in the book, just not here on the blog. Regular moleskine, yes they are oriented the way they are in the blog post. They are supposed to work side by side, but they wouldn't post that way. Interesting that you said instructional. I like that idea. Also, alarming is a good description too.

Thanks for the thoughtful comments everyone!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

An ongoing raveling and unraveling! Supercool. Nice progression!!!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have to say it does give a sort impression of a whodunnit.

Mike Kline said...

It reminds me of shattered hope, cloudy dreams, downward spirals, blood & tears (bloody tears), redness, and finally things recovering. Looking up. Patching the pain and suffering with hand quilted love. Awesome!