Monday, March 22, 2010

Avery small book


Took a look back in the group's blog and realized that the last time I posted anything art related here, was a little over 2 months ago! still waiting for the next book to arrive.

So, I decided to share something non moleskin related, which is a tiny coloring book I made as a giveaway for my Etsy store. I will probably include one of those in the pocket of the next book that comes my way.



merrytait said...

Very cute! I like this a lot. How fun!

ballookey said...

Those are very cool. I just saw a tutorial on making little matchbook notebooks and was thinking about making some. These mini coloring books take that to the next level!

Something Different said...

I would love to color one of those little books, What a creative idea, coloring books rule.

steve said...

Oh wow, too fun! Love this Aya!