Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Moon

So happy to be back home, in Brooklyn, with a scanner!

LA was wonderful, non of our plans came to be, but a lot of new stuff came up. Somehow, having room to improvise led to a lot of cool new things happening, and a lot of understanding about life, art and people.

Collaborative page with Heidi, done in JFK airport. I thought about how the square block with shiny yellow lights looked like an airplane window on a night flight. So that's where this page started.

The words say:
It doesn't matter what side of the ocean you are on, it's always the same moon above you.
Which is a thought that gave me a lot of comfort when Ned an I were living in separate countries.



henniemavis said...

I'm flabbergasted, this is beautiful. I saw salamander spots, but they have completely transformed into a starry moonlit night!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love this, love how you transformed Hennie's work, love the colors, the linework, the whole thing.

ballookey said...

These are just soo lovely. I'm really envious of your ability to work on them under just about any conditions.