Thursday, April 8, 2010

prints - woohoo!

Hey guys! So, I decided to get some prints made of some pages from this Moleskine exchange (Ash's book), as well as from some in Aya's. Yesterday I got four from a company called Artscow. My wife told me about a deal they had recently, so I thought I'd give it a go and see what they were all about. My expectations were low-to-average, however, I'm happy to say the results were far from it! The quality of paper, the crisp image, the vivid color - I was even more pleased than with Imagekind, which says a lot. Anyhow, I will be putting these all up for sale at my Etsy shop this week. The giant tortoise is the first to go up! The prints are all 14" x 11" and will be in a limited run of twenty, signed and numbered by yours truly. Twenty-five bucks per print is a fair enough price, considering the cost of getting them made, mailing them, as well as the time and labor involved. So, stay tuned for more this week. I'll definitely be selling more prints of this kind very soon as well. Anyway, hope you like 'em (and sorry for the shameless self-prommotion).


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! These are SWEET--good luck!

They look GREAT!

ballookey said...

I saw this post on your other blog and checked out the site. What kind of paper did you get your prints on? Are they like photo prints, or giclee?

steve said...

Thanks Mary!

Ballookey, they are actually photo prints with a matte finish. The paper is pretty thick and the clarity of image is actually better than the actual drawing - pretty insane.