Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mary's Book Leaves NH for NYC

Finally got these pics taken so Mary's book can be mailed to Aya in NYC on my way to the airport Wednesday. Fall apples & garlic on top with an apple for Aya as the collab below. Ebony pencil & acrylic paint with a touch of white Prismacolor highlighting.

I'm off to Detroit to visit Mary. Ellen's book is going with me. Her book's already been to Mary's once. It'll be there again, but this time I'll be filling it :-)


ballookey said...

I like the colors in the apples & garlic piece - you always do such a great job with the food pages!

steve said...

Really beautiful work - WOW!!

Mike Kline said...

I always get hungry looking at these beautiful representations of luscious fresh fruit and bulbous herbs... Nicely done!