Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update from Reno

I haven't gotten the next book from Willie yet, so I have nothing to mail this month.

Feel free to use the comments here to communicate to the group if you are behind, or let people know where their books are lurking.


ballookey said...

I'm working on two at the same time: Andrea's and Willie's. I couldn't work on Andrea's for the first few weeks I had it because we had out-of-town house guests. But work is progressing.

After doing nine large books, Willie's is a treat. I definitely feel more excitement over the small ones. I feel more capable when addressing the small pages, and even like the watercolor paper better at a smaller size.

Anyway, both should be done in a week or so.

Mike Kline said...

I have Milo's book - I expect to be ready to ship by the 15th. Busy! Busy! Busy!

thraxil said...

Just got Mike's in the mail from Aya today.

steve said...

I still don't have one - been a loooooong time!

henniemavis said...

I'll status-report for Mary, as she's sitting right here next to me painting while I've totally commandeered her iPad... OMG, I'm so buying an iPad!

Anyway, Mary reports she has no book. I have Ellen's book & expect to finish in reasonable time (2 or 3 weeks).