Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Portraits of Friends: Online & Off

Mary requested a "self-portrait" as a suggested deposit in her book. If she wants that, fine... but it's only fair that I get to draw her too, HA!

So here we are, 2 friends. We have been friends for 20 years. I was thinking of our upcoming visit when I painted this, "Remember when you blah, blah, ha ha! Remember when I blah, blah, ha ha ha..." I intended to record some of our funny stories on the painted lines between our portraits, but I sure as heck wasn't going to do it before the photo, for all to see... too embarrassing! Sorry folks, nothing to see here ;-)


milo said...

the portraits are great Mary!!

Andrea said...

Nicely done! I love that you two are getting together. In my dream world, all of us could get together at the end or beginning of an exchange. Ah, dreams. If I someday get independently wealthy I'll buy you all plane tickets. Wouldn't recommend holding your breath though, sadly.

steve said...

This is so cool! I really love the style going on in these pages and the idea behind them.

Mike Kline said...

"Who's that lady (who's that lady)
Beautiful lady (who's that lady)
Lovely lady (who's that lady)
Real fine lady (who's that lady)
Hear me callin' out to you
'Cause it's all that I can do
Your eyes tell me to pursue
But you say look yeah, but don't touch, baby"

- The Isley Brothers

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

We sure did think of a LOT of things to write on those lines while you were here.

ANDREA, you are welcome too! I have a retreat room, come visit.

henniemavis said...

@Andrea: A get-together would be tremendously fun as part of the exchange, but coordinating it would be nearly impossible? Half of us would be there on schedule & the other half would show up over the course of the next month or two, ha ha!

@Mike: HA! I was at Mary's house when I saw this. I knew the song (picture me at age 8, watching Soul Train on TV under my parent's radar, ha!). I played it for Mary on YouTube so we could both be sexy ladies :-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

it would be tremendously fun to have a huge group sketchathon!