Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! A Bit of silliness and a note

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been "product testing" various art supplies. I made the top image with Staedtler Karat Aquarell Crayons for fun and as a sort of test of the brand new materials. I've tested a variety of other ones and was going to post some of those too, with reviews, but haven't had time.

The bottom one is just a quickie cut and paste, using packaging from the new art supplies, looks better in person because the 3D aspects and metallic aspects don't show up in the scan.

I hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day and have lots of love in your life.

I'm having a small delay in preparing to mail my Moley which I hope will be resolved fairly quickly--I was printing some ATC sized prints of two of recent pieces for the pocket and the printer has run out of ink. I will try to get some ASAP. The yellow has run out and they look drab and have lost their sparkle.

With the help of the Goddess of Procrastination, I hope to get this issue resolved SOON! :-D

Meanwhile, the product test? I was only, with this first test, testing the solubility of the pigment. The pigments of these crayons are more soluble than wither the colored pencils or water soluble oil pastels I recently tested (but haven't had time to post. The solubility is excellent, as is the color saturation. The scan looks a little TOO saturated, but that is the fault of the scanner, not the Staedtler Crayons. (I have yet to test the pigment miscibility.)

The tin contains 12 colors, one of which is white (I know, I know), and the white is pretty useless, one white or dark colors as far I can see. I tested it on the red of the valentine (the second one).

The very pale milky color is my attempt at using the white Staedtler crayon, which I then painted with water, just as I did with the clown. As you can see, it did not work at all well. It may work better on other paper.

All images in this post enlarge with clicking.

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