Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My book is on the way to Mike, late and lackluster.

I had the hardest time starting my Round 3 Moly. Why? What is wrong with me?
Here is the front inside page of my book, I am in no way insinuating that I am the star of Reno, just love that sign. I didn't draw it very well though.

I like to have a page in the beginning of my book that everyone contributes to. So design your sticker, add to the border - whatever you choose. Nothing is off limits.

This is the collab page that I left for Mike.
Take this book and make magic in it friends!
There is one more spread that I started and didn't finish in there too. You will all get to see it when it comes 'round. I couldn't even finish it. Yuk. Maybe I'll be inspired when it comes back to me in a year.
Sorry for the crappy phone pics too.


Ammon said...

I love the signs and that awesome sticker idea.

ballookey said...

I've been to Reno, Andrea. My husband's been there twice, for a week each time. Trust me, you ARE the star of Reno. Don't sell yourself short! ;) LOL.

ballookey said...

Oh yes, and I like you first spread - there's nothing shabby about it. And I forgot to mention that your sign in page worked out great in Round 2. I got to see it near the end and had great fun designing my ID badge to stick in there and loved seeing what other people did. I'll have to think about a new design for this round!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love the signs, Andrea, and the sign-in page is very creative. Mine is MUCH less so!!! The little doodlies are fun too! :-D I bet they look awesome in the moley!

Mike Kline said...

My wife Val, daughter Katie and I just drove up Albuquerque's Route 66 and photographed all the dying neon signs we could. Some disappear yearly. We will add a few sign art drawings to your mole' - I can't wait!

Something Different said...

Fantastic Mike!

Ballookey - Ha-Ha, LOL!

henniemavis said...

I too love the name badges, but alas, I won't get to fill one out... but I did enjoy doing my "drivers' license" in Round 2, hee hee.