Friday, May 6, 2011

Good news and bad news

Ammon's book arrived a couple of days back, i had no time to look at it, because Ned and I were getting ready for a big birthday party for Ned.
Then, when I did, I was really impressed by the art, but sad to see that the book broke, It's really odd because usually those Moleskines are super tough.

So, I decided to try and fix it, it took some glue and paper and I think I did a pretty nice job, I hope it won't break again in it's future travel...


merrytait said...

Good job--Great fix! Hope it holds! :-D

Love the piece! :-D :-D

Moleskine Exchange said...

There may be another fix-it book coming your way. Claudia's book had some spinal integrity issues as well. Keep your eyes peeled for it.