Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 collaborations and a troubled sketch

1)My collaboration in Mike's round 2 mole for him to finish. It is called, "Alas Poor Yorick," or "Self portrait of the artist as a young Woman looking into the future II"

2)I did not find any half collaborations from Steve for me to do in Mike's round 2 mole, so I went to Steve Splotch monster site and downloaded two splotches and made my own monsters from them. Since I couldn't decide between them and Mike has LOTS of pages left in his book, I decided to make two collaborations. The first one is called "Georgia on my mind." Here is Steve's splotch.

3)My second splotch monster is called "The Orange Bow." Here is Steve's splotch.

4)I am feeling bad because I haven't made any new progress on Roma's mole. Sometimes things come easy and sometimes, they are difficult. I have struggled and struggled with a sketch to make the next piece for Roma's mole and have decided to show you the very lame sketch for the sketch--it just isn't working out--I may give it up for now and do something different just to get it going!!! This would be a companion piece, were I to get it done, to the other from my children's storybook, Jacob and the Sea Witch, or Jacob and the Great Fish. You can see lots of erasures and false starts here. :-(

each image will enlarge if clicked upon.


Aya Rosen said...

I love the sketch! and I love it just like it is with all the erasers marks, I feel like too often we want things to look really prefect and so forget to see the beauty of underdoneness (ya, I know it's not a word). I for once love seeing the progress and struggle within an art piece.

Mike Kline said...

Wow! I look forward to the collaboration... Nice, sweet, awesome - fun!

roma said...

First, let me say that I'm so impressed that you do sketches of sketches! I bought a smaller Moley for that purpose but I find that once I do a small version I'm generally not terribly interested in doing it again. Lately I'll do a fast outline in pencil first and go from there. I want to get to the point where I just go for it and skip even the outline.

Second, I agree with Aya. I love seeing the process, maybe even more than the end result. Go for it, Mary! Anything you do will be PERFECT!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you!

I always feel like all the rest of you are better artists than I am and I want to do the best possible job so as not to blemish your books!

I do not always make sketches, but I was having trouble visualizing this particular piece. And since it is for my children's book--I wanted it to be right.

This is what's holding me up at this point--the second to the last piece is ALMOST done.

roma said...

That must be a universal feeling, Mary, because I always have the same sense of trepidation whenever I stare at a blank page of a beautiful book. I just got started on ballookey's, which is gorgeous. I'm so sure I'm going to be the one who ruins it! Ack! The artist's curse.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Yes--That's exactly my fear, that I will be the one that ruins it!