Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two small meditations in Mike's Round 2

Mike, I tried to do what you said you did, which was free-drawing, starting out with no idea and seeing where it takes you. You are much better at it than I am, I think do better if I at least plan a little. The lower one was a free-drawing and the upper one, which I did second, was inspired by the first (lower). These are both done with Faber-Castell PITT artist pigment pens. I may try more of these in your book, but since I'm experimenting, no guarantees on the results! YIKES! Scary! (As usual, click images to view somewhat larger.)


Mike Kline said...

These are really neat. Speaking the truth in power and speaking truth in love.

merrytait said...

Speaking Truth is so important!!

merrytait said...

Thanks! :-D