Monday, August 22, 2011

Molly's book

Sorry for the tardiness of my post. I was delayed by a couple of days due to work, and as I was about to assemble this post on Friday my poor sweet laptop crapped out on me. So I had to wait until I got to work this morning to scan these in.
Molly's 02

Molly's 03-04

Molly's 05

I wasn't 100% sure if Claudia intended the following page to be a collaboration, but typical for me, I collaborated on it anyway. (You guys, if you don't want me to draw on something, an electrical fence is not a bad idea. Or post a guard dog.) She mounted four rough cardboard frames on the page and inserted the photo in the bottom right of the feet. Her caption says "Something that has no meaning". I added my own photos to the rest of the frames and captioned them. Then I couldn't leave those frames alone so I let my inner 80's punk/new wave teen out for some air.
Molly's 01

This is the collaboration I started for Andrea. I wanted to try something with inked lines that she might work in, but I didn't know when to call it quits so I brought forward a little bit from the other collab so they bookend my pages in the book. And now that I've found this packet of tiny envelopes I've been hoarding for like, a decade, I plan on using more of them in the next book... :)
Molly's 06
PS, the good news is I think my laptop will be OK. Bless the Internet, I learned that it's probably a known issue and Apple is repairing them for free even if it's beyond warrantee and Apple Care. hope!


Moleskine Exchange said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for your laptop!

I can't wait to work with that collab! Little envelopes and cards are right up my alley.

Your colored pencil work looks fab. Looking forward to seeing these up close.

The eyes are lovely.

ballookey said...

Thank you. :) I really can't wait to start on the next one. I have a germ of an idea for those envelopes. Luckily I have one more book from the backup, so I can get started right away.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yes, I do hope your laptop makes a full recovery!

Great post.

I really like the collaboration with the pictures and playing cards, far out and fun.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I like the theme of the morning glories going through several pages, too.

Gretchen said...

Oh! Poor laptop! Boy do I know about computer problems, but Apple is really cool about stuff most of the time.
Love all of these! Especially your collab for Andrea! I have fun ideas for that one. :)

ballookey said...

Thanks all, and good news on the laptop front. It's the suspected known issue and they're repairing it for free. Still probably time for a new computer, but now I've made a budget for it so I don't have to fret or scurry to get a new one.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! Glad the computer front is taken care of. Was just re-studying those eyes--very nicely done!!!