Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finished with Mike's Book

For Moleskine Exchange Project

Acrylic, Pitt Brush pens, more acrylic, Micron pen in Mike's book.

For Moleskine Exchange Project

For Moleskine Exchange Project
Neocolor II crayons

For Moleskine Exchange Project
Cool transfer.....


merrytait said...

WOW! Love the brilliant colors!! Great mandala and dancers!!!!

Something Different said...

Yeah, that first one flies right off the page at me.

Ha! I love the "this page intentionally left blank". I need to do that sometime when I get a little bleed through.

roma said...

That's so funny, Stephanie. I put a "Page intentionally left blank" in your book, too. You and Mike both have journals, and everything bleeds through. My pages are thin, too, so I'm sure stuff is bleeding through there. I like that about the Moleys.

Loved the colors and designs, too.

ballookey said...

I'm getting nostalgic looking at that orangish-red and blue mandala. It reminds me of some of the wild prints my mother used to wear when I was a little kid. Very cool.

Ha ha, I didn't know Moleskines came in more types of paper than regular and watercolor. I only just realized that Ammon's is heavier paper than the ones I'm used to but not watercolor. Noted for future reference! :)

Mike Kline said...

Wonderful work and colors -as usual... I can't wait to see all of these in person! I really like the dancers and the mandala.