Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sketchbook Party Crasher

I happened to see Mary last weekend & lo, she had a sketchbook with her from the current exchange. It was her own book, about to be sent out & around, so she asked me to do a page before she mailed it. Intended as a collab, I left most of the righthand page for her to complete. (Click on photo to view larger.)

This image is from a dream I had, which Mary has known about for years. I dreamed I was walking in nature & came upon a grove of sumac trees. The sumacs were covered in conical red blooms, or so I thought -- but when I got closer I suddenly realized they were not blossoms, but male cardinals! So many, more than I'd ever seen together. At the same instant I recognized them, they burst up & away in a cloud of flight. It was a magnificent dream!

Yes, I creep the site on occasion, just for fun. Love the work you're all doing! :-)


Andrea said...


So lovely to see you participating. I love it!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I will be scanning this and then completing it as soon as I have time. It was great seeing Hennie! YAY we had fun doing art together.

ballookey said...

LOL, this is wonderful!